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Having a Spiritual Awakening with Haley Robertson: On Medicine and Modern Spiritual Living

January 31, 2023 Yoga Brain Season 2 Episode 1
Yoga Brain
Having a Spiritual Awakening with Haley Robertson: On Medicine and Modern Spiritual Living
Show Notes

What makes us spiritually awakened and self-aware? What is the difference between awake and woke? Once we’re woke, do we stay up? Or are we susceptible to falling back asleep?

Haley Robertson and Jennifer Martin open the conversation of the great awakening as it pertains to the individual and collective consciousness. They define popular spiritual slang, diving deep into a few terms often heard in Western yoga classes. Both yoga teachers, Haley and Jenny share stories of the start of their spiritual awareness, and how they view spirituality today.

Haley Robertson is a Sound Practitioner and PsychoSynthesis Life Coach. She creates intentional spaces with instrumental sound meditations. Haley’s sessions coax participants into a state of deep relaxation which helps them tap into their soul aliveness. 

The show discusses the theory of oneness, seeing spirit in everything. Haley told Jenny that “everything is medicine” prior to recording, which sparked the spirit of this episode. The hosts comment on commonly used substances which are synonymous with medicine, providing perspective on what is healing, what is addictive, and what is a deadly commodity.

Everything is medicine yet everything comes down to mindfulness with what we consume, call medicine, and say in conversation or in a yoga class. Everything can sometimes seem like it’s happening all at once, which is a wonderful opportunity to sit down, stay still and drop in. What does it mean to drop in? Among other cues in a yoga class, it’s the start of meditation.

Yoga Brain

Host: Jennifer Martin

Special Guest: Haley Robertson
instagram: @thecosmicartichoke

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