Yoga Brain

Chris Douglas: Big Fish KC

March 29, 2022 Yoga Brain
Yoga Brain
Chris Douglas: Big Fish KC
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A community that’s normalizing meditation and a podcast that’s asking the question:

What is yoga?

Today on the show we have spiritual healer Chris Douglas, a yoga teacher and reiki master with a Pisces placement in his sun and moon. With such empathic, sensitive signs in his astrology, he has been able to navitage his emotions by utilizing the road map of his birth chart.

Chris helps to explain characteristics of being a water sign and a feminine man. He describes how he’s blended the masculine and feminine as a digital creator and entrepreneur, after leaving healthcare as a nurse. 

He also shares traumas of SSRI withdrawals and what he’s learned through extreme stress. Though through meditation, reiki, yoga and stepping into his purpose of showcasing others, Chris has paved a path of healing for himself and his students. 

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